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BBFC watch: What the censors say

17 Sept 07

One of our favoured lunchtime Internet timewasters is perusing the BBFC website's 'recent decisions' section where you can find out what ratings films and games have received and what - if any - cuts have been made.

In general, games don't get cut, that's left for the astounding amount of hardcore porn that gets submitted, but at a time when the government and media has videogame violence firmly in their sights the digital media section makes for interesting reading.

The rating that caught our eye this week was a 12 for Microsoft's widely publicised foray into family gaming - Scene It!. The obvious problem here is that any family member under 12 isn't allowed to play it, which doesn't really fit into Microsoft's 'Fun For Everyone' brand.

Read on to see why it got a 12 and then check out what the BBFC examiners thought of Mass Effect, Turok, Kane & Lynch and World In Conflict - can you guess which one gets an 18? Oh, and watch out, there's some moderate spoilage going on here.

Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action! (360)

Rating: 12

Rating: 12

Rating: 12