Smite and brawl fellow gods in 30-player battle royale action with the latest Battle Crush beta

Upcoming battle royale brawler Battle Crush is getting its second beta test, as revealed at the Future Games Show Spring Showcase, letting players check out the godly 30-player elimination action and other PVP modes.

From South Korean developer NCSoft, Battle Crush is a chaotic and colorful hero-based game, with a cast of characters inspired by Greek and Roman mythologies, including Nyx, Ares, Diana, and many more. Each one has its own array of melee and ranged skills which you'll need to master to wallop your foes. But each map also features several loot chests and a couple of special weapons that you can scavenge in true battle royale fashion.

Battle Crush matches also pit up to 30 players against each other on a hex tile arena that collapses as the match progresses. These hexagonal pillars can plummet in clusters, meaning large chunks of the map can go out of action very quickly. The arena physically falling apart is a nice added dimension compared to just a shrinking safe zone, as it forces lots of mid-air battles as players scramble to safe ground – it means there's an almost Smash Bros-like quality to Battle Crush where attacking and manoeuvring through the air are crucial to getting one up over your opponent.

This second beta for Battle Crush brings back a variety of modes and ways to brawl in multiplayer. The standard 30-player battle royale mode offers both a free-for-all option where it's every player for themselves or a team version featuring 10 teams of three players each. However, there's also the fast-paced, 6-player Brawl mode, which can also be player solo or in teams, that features a smaller map. And finally, if you just want to test your 1v1 skills, the Duel mode can help you there in a best-of-five battle.

Battle Crush hasn't got a full release date just yet, but you can play the new beta right now on Steam. For all the latest updates on the godly brawler, make sure you follow Battle Crush on Twitter and add it to your Steam wishlist.

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