Back to the trenches

It was a cold day in France.The rain was beating down something harsh, the enemies had an advantageous position, and we had one mission: get to the top of the hill.The problem was, for the most part, we were in a wide open valley with very little cover, and the enemies already occupied the few higher altitude positions there were.

In a level never before shown to the public before, this was the challenge of Chapter 2 in Call of Duty 3.As expected, there's more than ever going on, with dozens of infantrymen, plenty of detailed explosions, and the constant grimy feeling of debris flying everywhere.A cool new trick involves the grass... of all things.Wherever you walk, the foliage gets matted down, which can be strategically used to track an enemy as they run around the corner.Jerry can run, but he can't hide (his footsteps, anyway).

As the level progressed, we learned very quickly that our armored troop carrier brought us into this mess, and by god, it was going to help us get out of it too.Since there was hardly any cover at all, the way to survive was by sticking close to the vehicle, peeking out to pick off enemies as we progressed.We had to lurch all around that rolling armor too, because the enemies were everywhere. It was intense, loud and ironically beautiful.Death be not proud, sure, but at least it's all very pretty.