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Yet another Frank Miller flick goes into pre-production...

Hollywood money men are nothing if not predictable. After the extraordinary success of 300, we knew it wouldn’t take long for them to snap up the rights to most of Frank Miller’s back catalogue, and it seems they can’t clamber over each other quick enough to prove us right.

Next in line for the big screen treatment is Ronin, a tale of a disgraced Samurai warrior who travels to modern-day New York to save his master’s sword from a shape-shifting demon, fighting gangs of mutants and gangsters along the way.

Which sounds like Sin City meets 300 to us, if Warners get the right director (current rumour: Sylvain White, of I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer fame, hmm...). If not, it could end up being more like Highlander 3. Which, obviously, no-one wants.

What everyone does want is a 300-style Dark Knight Returns adap. Get to work movie-suits!