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Yes, we are very excited for Child of Eden. But this new trailer is just a bit... cringeworthy

Child of Eden. Long overdue sequel to Rez - the still incredible on-rails shooter that first dazzled cosmonauts a decade ago with its admittedly wanky-sounding synesthesia enhanced gameplay but was inarguably an incredible experience for those willing to open their minds and let the light shine in.

Child of Eden is coming and it looks quite lovely. Something like a cross between a neon fish tank, James Cameron's The Abyss and a night I had dancing in a field 20 years ago. Brilliant.

But, it has to be said, this new Child of Eden trailer is really rather cringeworthy. It starts off impressively enough, with lots of pretty things swimming about inside a technicoloured nebula of the mainframe. But then some rent-a-hipsters turn up in a disused car park and start throwing Minority Report shapes with their glowing hands. Look at it:

But whatever. They're not going to put me off. It's probably worth reminding everyone that Child of Eden won’t just be Kinect compatible when it releases on 17 June. It's coming for Xbox 360 and PS3 and - crucially - will be playable with a regular controller. Which is good to know.

March 30, 2011

I don't have the energy to really hate anything properly. Most things I think are OK or inoffensively average. I do love quite a lot of stuff as well, though.