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Yakuza 4 coming to the West

Yakuza 4 will be hitting the West in the spring, exclusively on PlayStation 3. It fits in with the usual 'we get it but a year late' system, but it's still a nice surprise, given its translation was by no means a certainty.

The announcement comes with four new screenshots, which you can see below. We think you'll agree it looks great.The gamewill be at E3, so we'll undoubtedly bring you more on it next week.

Above:Just look at all those peopleand the detail in the background. Yum

Above: Expect plenty of street brawls - and weapons to pick up too

Above: There are plenty of playable characters this time round

Above: Stop looking for Lan Di's helicopter. Come on, let it go...

08 Jun, 2010

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