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Volcanic eruption: 9 gaming lava spurts

In case you missed the news, Armageddon has come early. A mountain popped its load in Iceland and now Europe has returned to the Victorian ages as far as transport goes. Last night's history-making, televised UK election debates (US readers: Yeah, we only just got those) were actually overshadowed by a story aboutash.

We want a slice of that volcanic action - after all, if we believe the media we could all be sat in Purgatory awaiting our fate on Judgement Day by next Tuesday. So what better way to bow out before 'death bylungs full ofglass filings',than a quick round-up of the most memorable volcanic game eruptions - because in games, volcanos are safe and controllable and don't leave a nasty sulphurous taste in your mouth.


This 'display' volcano appears in PS3 PSN game Pain, in the amusment park level. It's triggered by hitting a few levers, culminating in a fairly feeble puff of acrid smoke. Not enough to ground planes, anyway.

Tomb Raider Anniversary

While it's not made entirely explicit that this is a volcanic eruption, it is. This level of Tomb Raider Anniversary is set on a volcanic island and there's lava everywhere. What other evidence do you need?

Resident Evil 5

We feel this should probably be accompanied by some kind of spoiler warning, but f*** it. If you didn't already know, at the end of Resident Evil 5 you fight Wesker in the middle of an erupting volcano.

Far Cry

Ah. This might be another spoiler, so we'll cut straight to the chase; at the end of Far Cry you end up in the middle of a volcano and it erupts.

Age of Conan

You may or may not know that this is Tortage Volcano. It won't erupt as long as it has a supply of virgins' blood splattered over it. You can, of course swap it for some whore's blood and watch it blow its top. We're not making that up.

I hate the 267.