Vampire Rain review

Not so much a storm, more of a drizzle


  • Good concept
  • Vampires are kinda cool
  • Almost like real LA


  • Everything's broken
  • Takes a clip to kill vampires
  • Makes you hate life

Splinter Cell - but with vampires. Sounds so good, doesn’t it? It’s no wonder that early word of the Japanese stealther made us feel like kids at Christmas. But our review of the Japanese version was as disappointing and upsetting as waking up on December 25th to find that Santa’s not only used your stocking as a toilet but wiped his ass on the curtains too.

And now it’s our duty to simply restate the fact: this game hates you, and wants you to have a bad time. Rain follows the exploits of a technology-draped Fisher-a-like called Lloyd, battling vicious blood-guzzlers in a rainy LA - the idea is to identify the undead with your pointy-teeth-vision goggles before taking them on in battle, pitching your own brand of firepower against their Crackdown-esque high-jumping super-terror-powers.

More Info

DescriptionWhy vampires populate a downtown metropolitan area is anyone's guess these days, but expect to spend a lot of time running backwards and shooting in this stinker of a stealther.
PlatformXbox 360
US censor ratingMature
UK censor rating18+
Release date3 July 2007 (US), 29 June 2007 (UK)