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Twilight: Eclipse will hit IMAX screens

It has been announced that the third installment in The Twilight Saga will be hitting enormous IMAX screens when it is released next summer.

Summit Entertainment have announced that Eclipse will hit the (really) big screen alongside regular cinemas.

It was shot on conventional cameras but will be digitally re-mastered to fit the IMAX experience.

The ever expanding saga will no doubt be looking to capitalise on the success that other recent blockbusters have had with IMAX, including 300 , Transformers and Harry Potter .

Anyone who caught The Dark Knight on an IMAX screen will know the potential this format has for delivering awesome sound quality and visuals.

Can't help but wonder if this is just an excuse for Twi-hards to see Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner in extreme close-up, though.

Source [ Collider ]

Will you be experiencing Eclipse in IMAX? Hoping Twilight 4 will be released in 3D? Let us know below!