Trauma Center: Second Opinion Cheats

Interesting characters, tense action, one-of-a-kind mission objectives, and creative use of the Wii controller make this surgery simulation one of the most uniquely playable games on any system.

Trauma Center: Second Opinion FAQs

Trauma Center: Second Opinion Hints

  • Wii | Submitted by notrealdoctors

    Tumors & Stuff

    Operation Six

    In one of your operations, you will have to remove four tumors from a small intestine, as well as treat inflammation. Remove the tumors regularly by using the ultrasound, and then to treat the inflammation, (red dots) by injecting them with the blue liquid. To do that (if you don't know...) get to the syringe and you will see two vials in the lower right hand corner, on circular and with a green liquid (right) and one with a blue liquid (left). Fill the syringe with the blue liquid (move the cursor over the vial and press B). Then move the syringe over to a red dot and press A. You can treat several red things with one syringe, but you will need to refill a few times. Good Luck!

  • Wii | Submitted by Dr. Stiles's Sensei

    Lots of Freaking Health

    Any Operation

    Believe it! There is a better way to restore health than by the antibiotic gel. Just inject the green shot into any part of the patient to restore vitals temporarily.

  • Wii | Submitted by TheBluePenguin

    Extra Health


    If you miss and hurt your person you are operating on a lot then put the antibacterial cream or whatever it is anywhere on your person you are operating on. This should be helpful for a person just about to die. (sometimes your person you are operating on health goes down continuously. This isn't really affective from that point).

  • Wii | Submitted by blackmomba93

    Diffusing The BOMB

    "An Explosive Patient"

    Yes, believe it or not, you have to diffuse a freakin' bomb. First, you must unscrew all the screws so you can remove the cover panel, but each screw uncrews differently and if you mess up more than 3 times, it'll blow up, so lemme just tell you. Unscrew the bottom right screw to the left, the bottom left screw to the right, the top right screw to the left, and the top left screw to the right. Once you're in, you'll see a reactor core surrounded by flashing red and white panels, but we'll save that for later. You'll pan down to a little voltage meter and you have to place the red pegs in the correct spots to get the meter at the right level. First, take the peg on the left side and place it in the hole all the way one the top of the left side. Then take the right peg and place it two holes down from the top hole on the right side (the hole that is right next to the red line on the meter) and the voltage should be at the proper level. Now here comes the fun part! You'll pan back to the reactor core and nurse lady will tell you to zap the white panels with your laser. It's pretty simple, just zap all the white panels, being very careful not to zap any red panels, because that would blow it up. Also, make sure you don't actually zap the red core itself, which would also make the bomb go boom. After you've done this the reactor core has been unveiled and all you have to do is zap it, simple, right, WRONG. Suddenly a million little red panels appear and start to orbit in changing directions around the core. If your aim is true, then you should be able to zap it until it's gone, basically all you have to do is find some way to shoot past the little red panels and shoot the reactor core. It's basically a matter of timing and aim, and if you don't have either one of those, then you have no hope at all!

  • Wii | Submitted by blackmomba93

    Completing "Please Let Me Live"

    That same girl you operated on last time has returned with more pain so lets get right to it. Open her up, and there'll be 3 lacerations and some smaller cuts. Close up 2 of the lacerations, but leave the last one open. Pull out your syringe and inject green liquid into her until her vitals are full (trust me this helps for later). Now suture up those smaller cuts and then, SOMETHING HAPPENS! This thing moving inside her lung (forgot what it's called, but you'll run into them in other operations) is making cuts. First do ultra-sound to find the thing. You have to have kinda good aim for this part. Scalpel the thing out by slicing over it, now it should be swimming outside of her lung. Shoot it with your laser until it dies. Oh but we're not done yet! Now three more of these little things will appear (I think they're called Karyiko or something). You know what to do, ultra-sound, scalpel, and laser the outta there.

    Now the grand daddy moving thing, a giant one will appear. Ultra-sound it, and then scalpel it out. Laser it, and then, DUHN DUHN DUHN!, it goes back into her lung. Just repeat the process ultra-sound, laser, and scalpel until it's dead. Then close up the wounds left behind and close up and, YOUR DONE!!!

  • Wii | Submitted by blackmomba93

    Skipping the Corny Storyline

    If you want to skip the extremely corny story line that you don't have to pay attention to at all, just press the -(minus) button while they're talking, it goes by A LOT faster. You can also use this to skip through the parts where your nurse and the other doctor talk to you while operating, but I highly suggest not to do that, they give you helpful tips sometimes.