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Super Street Fighter IV review

10 new characters, four new modes and hundreds of hours lost in 2010's best fighting game

Above: “We should probably add bonus stages back in!” “I guess?”

Time Trials and Survivor modes are gone. It’s possible you had your fill of both in SFIV, but then again, there are 10 new characters and maybe some of us are interested in playing some offline battles other than arcade mode. They were already in the first game, why not toss ‘em in again?

And uh, that’s kind of it. There’s barely anything to complain about at all. The fact I have to dig deep and whine about modes and optional bonus stages shows just how solid Super SFIV really is. And to really sweeten the deal, there’s a brand new (and free) tournament mode coming in June that’ll further push the online experience into a community-driven fever.

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DescriptionIn this age of DLC and $2.00 costume unlocks, this upcoming Street Fighter IV update is fittingly old school, as it comes packaged as a whole new game with new features and characters included.
Franchise nameStreet Fighter
UK franchise nameStreet Fighter