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Sonic and the Secret Rings review

That damned hedgehog gets a second lease on life

Secondly, gameplay is not a simple case of running from one end to the other. An objectives system akin to Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam is in place, forcing players to rerun particular sections of the overall track with different goals to complete. Collecting X amount of rings, killing a certain number of enemies, beating the clock - these objectives are the very challenges that gamers in 16-bit days would delight in imposing on themselves once they’d completed the game and wanted to stretch out the playing experience. In paying homage to the fan tradition of repeat runs, Secret Rings reveals itself to be the first Sonic title since the early nineties glory days to actually take the time to think about what made Sonic so popular in the first place.

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DescriptionWho needs platforms? Sonic's first Wii game is all about moving forward - running, bouncing and sliding through an Arabian setting using nothing but the Wii remote.
Franchise nameSonic the Hedgehog
UK franchise nameSonic the Hedgehog
US censor ratingRating Pending
UK censor rating7+
Release date (US), 2 March 2007 (UK)