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See Fade to Silence's weirdly corrupted Lovecraftian apocalypse in action and rate your chances of survival (not good)

Fade to Silence is an interesting post apocalyptic game full of icy landscapes and unpleasant eldritch creatures. I don't rate your chances much to be honest. 

At the PC Gamer Weekender, developer Black Forrest Games explained a little more about Fade to Silence and its survival elements. It might look like a traditional action game but it's much more about staying alive than the more usual story-focused journey. 

As well battling corrupted monsters, Fade to Silence is about trying not to freeze to death in a world of permanent winter. To do that you have to build, upgrade and defend your base, while finding and rescuing people to join. Using these people you can fight back against the creatures, and mount expeditions on a - wait for it - wolf sled, to find more survivors and things to help you see another day. 

Check out the presentation from the PC Gamer Weekender up there to find out more or watch the livestream to see more games. And see a full list of what's on at the PC Gamer Weekender here. 

Leon Hurley
Leon Hurley

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