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PaRappa and Gitaroo Man creators tease Rap Rabbit: a trippy collaboration in a future-feudal world

Project Rap Rabbit is real, it's actually a collaboration between the makers of Parappa the Rapper and Gitaroo Man, and it stars a mop-haired bunny in a future-feudal Japan seemingly ruled by frogs. Sometimes things work out ok, as this teaser video proves.

The triphop beats and Edo-era fashion give me some real nice Samurai Champloo vibes, while that motor-unicycle and UFO offer reassurance that Rap Rabbit is still going to take place in a plenty weird setting all its own. Well, that and the fact that it seems to star an anthropomorphic rabbit with black lowlights.

We might have to wait a while to learn more solid details about Project Rap Rabbit, but just the fact that this project exists is exciting enough. Don't stop now - keep feeling the beat with our list of the best music games of the future.

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