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Official trailer for Holy Rollers online

It seems like every which way you turn these days you’re falling over films about drug-dealing Hasidic Jews.

Oh wait, no, you’re really not. Which makes Sundance's Holy Rollers an enticing prospect – even more so now that the flick’s first trailer has been released.

Directed by Kevin Asch, Holy Rollers stars Zombieland ’s Jesse Eisenberg alongside Justin Bartha, Ari Graynor and some fella called Q-Tip (we're assuming he's not a giant ear-cleaner).

Inspired by real events, the flick is set in the late nineties, when Sam Gold (Eisenberg) is reluctantly waiting on an arranged marriage and about to begin his Rabbi studies - all thanks to his pushy family.

Befriending his charming neighbour Yosef (Bartha), Sam is enticed into a world of transporting ‘medicine’ for cash for an Israeli drug dealer. But will Sam get lost in the underworlds of Manhattan and Amsterdam?

Holy Rollers is out in the US on 21 May, with no UK release date yet set. But considering the buzz, and the intriguing tone of the trailer, we imagine it’ll be out here by the end of the year.

Check the trailer out below...

Think this one'll have you rolling in the aisles?