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No Man's Sky is down to a ludicrously cheap £14 if you have PS Plus

If news of an No Man's Sky update coming this week caused your ears to perk up but you don't yet own the game, now's your chance to fix that. Hello Games' spacefaring adventure is currently £24.49 on the UK PlayStation Store, and if you've got a PS Plus subscription it's even cheaper: a staggeringly low £13.99.

View deal: No Man's Sky for £14 on the PlayStation Store

While the launch version of No Man's Sky was relatively bare bones, updates have added more terrain variety, increased biodiversity, and even inserted the foundations of base-building.

The Path Finder Update, due sometime this week, will also add a planet-exploration vehicle. The game continues to evolve, and this may be the best opportunity you have in a long while to get in and explore the stars at such a highly discounted rate.

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