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PlayStation worldwide studios captain Phil Harrison told British newspaper The Guardian that he would be "amazed if the PlayStation 4 has a physical disc drive." Seems odd talk from a man still struggling to convince the world it needs the PlayStation 3 - and its Blu-ray drive.

According to Harrison, there are "right now more than 100 Blu-ray movies available today, in the US." Problem is, Phil, even when we give you credit for instant classics like Ultraviolet and Basic Instinct 2 you've only got 24. What's more, Sony will only have roughly half of the movies that Harrison claims currently exist by the release date of the PS3.

In cheerier news, he notes that "more than 100 games are in development."But we have to hope that "100 games in development" isn't approximately equal to "100 Blu-Ray movies". Let's see, divide by 4, subtract one... carry the six. Reading Harrison's statements to the press is like a poor-man's Brain Age.

PS3 to rock PS2 and PSone Memory Cards

Our British sister site, GamesRadar UK, has dug up animportant bit of infofor gamers itchin' to spend $600 on a PS3... and then immediately rewind time and play some PS2 and PlayStation (all three of you). The problem is Memory Card ports - the PS3 doesn't have any. The solution? Spend more money. Sony intends to sell a Memory Card adaptor that allows you to copy your old data onto the PS3's hard drive.

Square Enix console rumor too fantastical

Last year, Square Enix snapped up Taito, the company responsible for classics like Bubble Bobble and recent cult hits like Exit (PSP). Now, Square Enix intends to turn Taito's experience with arcade hardware toward something its president Yoichi Wada is currently simply calling a "thing". What the "thing" is, we certainly can't predict, but his comments suggest it'll be nothing that we'd expect from the company best known for Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. Despite what forum kiddies would like to believe, there's about zero chance that Square Enix is planning on kicking out a console that might compete with the PS3 or the Wii... but we know we're interested. We hope to find out more in September, when Wada is scheduled to talk up the company at Tokyo Game Show. Crave more now?Hit this link.

Hold it!!

Did you like Phoenix Wright? Do you like surprising your friends with witty banter? Do you love internet memes run out of control? If you said yes to any of these questions - or hell, even if you said no - click over tothis link. It lets you manipulate the mouth of the best lawyer on the Nintendo DS - you can have him object to just about anything. We're lazy, so we just recycled some ofyesterday's news. It's amusing anyway, socheck it out.

August 8, 2006