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Modern Warfare 3 Premium Elite getting Spec Ops mission, maps on 360 tomorrow

Though Activision's official calendar didn't alert fans to the change, today the company has said that they will belaunchingthree new FaceOff maps for Modern Warfare 3 competitive multiplayer, along with a brand new Spec-Ops mission as well.

The three new FaceOff maps will be Vortex, Intersection, and U-Turn. While the new Spec-Ops mission is confirmed to be called Arctic Recon, and Activision even tweeted an image/screenshot of that which you can find below.

There's no word on when these maps will become available for either regular non-premium Xbox 360 owners or PS3/PC players. Though their DLC timed exclusivity agreement with Microsoft usually means PS3/PC owners get these sorts of things at least within a couple of months.