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Limbo vs Braid: Which is better?

Limbo, then. It%26rsquo;s pretty great, eh? If you%26rsquo;ve not yet experienced its incredible sensory experience and mind-bending puzzles,click here to find out why you should buy it yesterday. For those who are either getting to grips with its bleakly dark world or have finished the game, we%26rsquo;re curious to know how highly you rate it. Namely, do you prefer it to the brilliant Braid?

We know they're radically different games. But both do share a brave artistic vision, expressed with narratives told in an innovative way. It's an issue which has got the office split right down the middle, too. Well, all three of us who're in today. Cundy and Houghton both think Limbo is the best thing since sliced Braid, claiming they prefer it to the time-hopping adventure. Meiks on the other hand still holds Braid up as the pinnacle of 2D gaming this generation, believing that Limbo is just a bit too stop/start in places.

Above: Bleak and jarringly violent, Limbo is one of this year's most striking titles

Above: Braid remains an absolute head-f*cking, though thankfully awesome,experience.

Anyhoo, enough from us. What do you think? Have you played both games? If so, do you have a favourite? And with XBLA's Summer of Arcade, do you think we're entering into a 2D renaissance? Let us know in the comments section.

26 July 2010,