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Last of Us fan film captures the drama and despair of fungus-infected, post-societal America

The Hollywood adaptation of The Last of Us may be languishing in development hell, but hey - that's what we have fan films for. This particular video, dubbed "No Escape," will certainly scratch your itch to see Naughty Dog's vision executed in the real world, even if it doesn't focus on everyone's favorite grumpy old man + adopted daughter combo.

I will admit, I'm not terribly impressed with the script. Seriously, why do people always wander off alone to go pee when they know there are monsters lurking about - screw modesty and just go where the group can keep an eye on you, dude! But, the music and cinematography is spot on.

Kudos to everyone involved though, and here's hoping we get some more while we wait for Hollywood to quit dragging its heels.

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