Gaming's most emotional moments

Grand Theft Auto IV

The moment: Yes, he%26rsquo;s an idiot. But he%26rsquo;s your idiot. He%26rsquo;s family; a loyal friend who%26rsquo;s always there for you with a taxi, or the suggestion of a night at the strip club. So his tragic death, on the steps of a church just seconds after getting married, hurts. Especially because it%26rsquo;s all your fault twice over. You have two choices towards the end of the game - to work with, or kill, the traitorous gangster Dimtri. Killing him gets your girlfriend, Kate McReary, killed (which is another story). Decide to help Dimitri for a hefty pay off, however, and he sends an assassin to say thank you. As you struggle with the hitman, Roman takes a bullet and dies in the arms of his wife. Man, you really blew it.

As sad as%26hellip; Getting drunk and losing your iPhone.

Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

The moment: After Modern Warfare 2 dropping characters like diseased cattle every other level, it%26rsquo;s easy to forget just how much of a sucker punch it was dying in COD4. Mainly because it breaks all the rules. Coming after a rescue mission it uses that triumph to magnify the following tragedy. As you crawl around the wreckage of your crashed chopper, in the swirling aftermath of a nuclear explosion, you%26rsquo;re expecting to be saved. Obviously you%26rsquo;re not going to actually die. Then you do.

As sad as%26hellip; Finding out you were adopted %26ndash; by Nazis.

Silent Hill 2

The moment: After enduring hours of torment, watching Maria die over and over again and battling wriggling flesh-sacks everywhere he turns, James ends the game by getting into his car, driving it into Toluca Lake and drowning himself. Truly the most depressing finale of any game, ever.

As sad as%26hellip; Driving a car into a lake and drowning yourself.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

The moment: Admittedly the end of MGS3 is pretty sad. Pulling the trigger as Naked Snake to kill your mentor and lover, The Boss, is an achingly beautiful moment as the gunshot echoes and the white flowers turn red. But it%26rsquo;s when Naked Snake returns decades later, as Big Boss at the end of MGS4, that the real emotion kicks in. The man responsible for almost all of the events in Metal Gear%26rsquo;s lengthy saga finally dies by The Boss%26rsquo; grave, uttering the words, %26ldquo;This is good, isn%26rsquo;t it?%26rdquo;

As sad as%26hellip; The last episode of Battlestar Galactica.

Half-Life 2: Episode 2

The moment: Firstly, he%26rsquo;s been like a kindly old grandfather to you, guiding you through the Half-Life series. And, secondly, he%26rsquo;s the actual father of the super hot Alyx who you fancy like crazy (don%26rsquo;t deny it, you do). So when he gets his brain sucked out by one of the Combine%26rsquo;s floaty larval Advisors it%26rsquo;s a double whammy of a good friend dying, and watching Alyx sob over his lifeless corpse. It doesn%26rsquo;t help that it%26rsquo;s literally the last thing that happens, leaving you on a massively depressing downer as the credits roll. Thanks Valve, thanks a lot.

As sad as%26hellip; Getting locked out of your house during a thunder storm.

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