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Final Fantasy 15 director talks story length, framerate, and PS4 bundles

During a recent livestream with Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, Final Fantasy 15 director Hajime Tabata had some interesting tidbits to share concerning framerate, resolution, story length, and more.

According to Tabata (translation via Siliconera), it should take around 50 hours on average to clear the game's story. That sounds like the sweet spot to me, as Final Fantasy 10 (my personal favorite) took me around 50 hours to complete, while Final Fantasy 12, which felt too long, took closer to 60.

Fans of the series on PlayStation should feel free to get extra excited, as Tabata also said that he's working on putting together a special PS4 Final Fantasy 15 bundle. No details so far, but considering how beautiful some special edition PS4 systems have been, I'd keep my eyes peeled. Even if such a system never makes it to the West officially, there's always the import option.

The team is still nailing down FF15's framerate. They're aiming for a stable 30fps, but there are still dips here and there. Further optimization should make this a non-issue, so I wouldn't worry too much right now. As for the game's resolution, that and further details will be revealed at a special event on March 30.

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