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Expand your Pokémon collection with EMP's range of plushies, tees, board games, and more

A young woman playing on the Switch surrounded by EMP Pokemon merch
(Image credit: EMP)

Whether you're looking for yourself or a fellow Pokémon trainer, finding great quality Poké merch that works for all age groups can be trickier than you might think. But, the Pokémon range at EMP, which includes puzzles, board games, home decor, clothing, accessories, and more, should mean there's literally something for every Poké collector.

Over on the EMP Pokémon page, the staff has carefully curated a fantastic selection of all things Pokémon based on their own passions for gaming - and Pokémon of course. That means gifts and treats can be found for everyone, whether you're looking for something more subtle for a discerning older trainer or you're kitting out a kid's bedroom or wardrobe. 

A cap from EMP's Pokemon range, featuring iconic characters like Pikachu and Squirtle

(Image credit: EMP)

For example, this Pokémon characters Snapback cap featuring iconic characters such as Pikachu, Jigglypuff, and Squirtle is perfect for keeping the sun's rays off your face during these summer months. It's size adjustable and has reinforced front panels so you know it's going to keep its shape for years to come. 

A black and grey t-shirt featuring the Pokemon Mewtwo

(Image credit: EMP)

Or nab this awesome exclusive Mewtwo shirt, which is wonderfully subtle - lacking any kind of Pokémon branding for one of those "if you know, you know" kind of merch stances. Mewtwo itself emerges from an asymmetrical black panel on a grey section, with its Pokédex number on one sleeve. Great for those looking for a Pokémon tee that could fit easily in your wardrobe without being too blatant. 

A blonde woman wearing a black and grey t-shirt featuring a sleeping Eevee and cute slogan

(Image credit: EMP)

But, if you do want to really highlight just how adorable Pokémon can be - and why wouldn't you? - this Eevee tee is just the sweetest. This regular-fit black tee with grey cap sleeves features a sleeping Eevee with the phrase "Time for my cutie sleep". You can't get much more delightful than that. 

Pikachu themed pajamas, featuring a black tee and yellow shorts

(Image credit: EMP)

Make sure your love Pokémon is signaled both day and night with these Pikachu pajamas too. Featuring a black tee with a sleeping Pikachu and a slogan, the cheeky yellow shorts with a second Pikachu face, and a Pika! exclam are just awesome. 

A rucksack featuring various Pikachu faces laid out in a comic book-style

(Image credit: EMP)

While you're out and about, there's also the option to go full Pikachu stan with this comic book-inspired rucksack. Adorned with the many moods of the iconic pocket monster, this rucksack includes a laptop compartment and organiser, making it perfect for all occasions. And there's more than enough room for your Switch too. 

Pokemon-themed joggers from the range of merch at EMP

(Image credit: EMP)

When you come home after all that Poké-venturing, you could slip into something more comfortable for kicking back on the sofa - like these Ready for Battle joggers, which are apt for any Pokemon trainer. Simple, black, with the 'Pokemon Ready for Battle' slogan down one leg, a sporty swipe of grey on the other, and a Pokeball adorning the pocket, these will make you look like a professional on their downtime. 

But there's more to be found at the EMP Pokémon section, so make sure to head on over if you're looking for a gift, or a little present to yourself. Go on, you've earned it.