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Everything weird in the World of Nintendo

Normal service is resumed after the E3 hullabaloo, and we’re kicking things off with a collection of excellent knitted items from a needle-skilled reader. Can you do this sort of stuff?

1) Knitted Kirbies

“Here’s a photo of nine knitted Kirbies I created,” writes Laura Dixon. “I’ve made Ice Kirby, Beam Kirby, Jet Kirby, Cook Kirby, Water Kirby, Sword Kirby, Cutter Kirby, Freeze Kirby and (the one you might not recognise) UFO Kirby!”

2)Game Boy on NES

These carts are made to order, costing about $130/£90 each, so a second-hand SNES and a Super Game Boy would be better value but definitely not as cool. You can play Game Boy carts on your NES! Why not?

3)Pet slime

You like Slimes? Try this little grey one, encased in a vial of slimy gel. We don’t know what use it is, but it’s definitely cool.

4)Mega Man helmet

Try as cosplayers might, nobody has ever looked particularly good in Mega Man’s distinctive headgear. Actually, maybe it would look okay as part of a romper suit for toddlers, but it’s a fashion disaster on adults. This is the knitwear that dignity forgot.

5)Koopa hell

Spare a thought for the unfortunate Koopa left bouncing eternally between two pipes. Mario couldn’t care less what happens to it, but the poor thing has a family to support and friends who wonder where he’s gone… click the image to see his fate.