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Eternal Darkness sequel soon?

GameCube classic Eternal Darkness almost certainly has a sequel on the way, according to Denis Dyack, director of developer Silicon Knights.

Dyack has revealed in hisblog that the three-game approach the team took to the forthcoming Xbox 360 game Too Human was always a possibility for Eternal Darkness. Every time the team designs a game, he says, it is intended to tell a story within a larger universe and that other stories are still there to be told.

This means that Too Human's - and now perhaps Eternal Darkness ' - story will arc over three self-contained chapters. "We want each game to be a complete experience on its own, the major plot lines will be resolved at the end of each game," said Dyack.

Commenting on Too Human, he added: "Without giving too much away, I can tell you that the theme of each installment will be 'discovery,' 'revenge' and 'enlightenment,' respectively."

The prospect of an Eternal Darkness title appearing onnext-gen systemsis exciting indeed. Here's hoping the team finds time to squeeze it into its very busy development diary soon.

July 11, 2006

Justin Towell
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