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Doritos contest finalist games now free on Xbox Live

Talk about a cheesy contest! Following the success of last year's similar promotion, Doritos and Microsoft haveteamed up to make someone's dream of getting a game on Xbox Live come true, and now it's up to you to decide the ultimate winner of theUnlock Xboxchallenge.

Available now on Xbox Live Arcade are: Avatar Crash Course and Harm's Way. Both of these were created by amateur game makers with one goal in mind: to "bring to life the bold, intense spirit of the Doritos brand."

The two finalists were chosen after round by round of competition and have been working with Doritos to bring their creative visions to life. Beginning today, players can download both games for free and then cast their vote for which they think is the better one.

The winner will be announced live on Xbox Live on December 29, and will receive $50,000 in cash as well as a chance to work with the Doritos gaming division for six months. Doritos has a gaming division?

Anyway,get downloading (hey, it's easy, freeGamerpoints, if you're that type). The future of these two competitors lies in your hands!

Dec 9, 2010