Doom Eternal: Release date, gameplay demo, trailer, and all the details from Quakecon 2018


Just a couple of months after its announcement, Doom Eternal is about the most exciting upcoming FPS around. Immediately becoming one of Bethesda's hottest E3 2018 games, even off the back of just a CG teaser trailer, the Doom sequel's full potential has now blown up via a full reveal of its campaign gameplay. How does it look? Even bearing in mind that Doom is all about excess and escalation, we were not expecting anything as big as this. Here's everything you need to know. 

Doom Eternal's release date hasn't been announced yet

Despite a full reveal at Quakecon 2018, we still don't have a Doom Eternal release date yet. The gameplay demo was a roof-raising barnstormer (seriously, we were in the room, and we're pretty sure plaster was dislodged from the ceiling), but there's still plenty for for Id and Bethesda to reveal, including the release date. We wouldn't expect a Doom Eternal release date this side of 2019, but we will of course keep you posted. 

The first Doom Eternal trailer is literally Hell on Earth

The demonic destruction of Doom won't be limited to Mars (and Hell) any longer. Doom Eternal takes place at least partially on Earth, as teased in the above trailer and confirmed by the developers themselves at Bethesda's E3 2018 press conference. That, initially at least, follows the narrative progression between the original 1993 game and Doom 2. 

But we also know that Doom Eternal will take in a Phobos-set moonbase and another, mysterious, entirely more genteel-looking location that many are betting could be, well, the opposite of Hell... 

Doom Eternal gameplay takes Doom 2016 and blows it out in every direction (with a grappling hook) 

You might be forgiven for thinking that Doom 2016's fast, frenetic, utterly freeform gameplay might be impossible to top in terms if hectic, gratifying, FPS expression. You could be forgiven, but you'd still be wrong. Because Doom Eternal gameplay, as recently revealed at Quakecon 2018, is going to blow the walls off its predecessor. 

The first key change is the addition of the Meathook, a grappling hook attached to Doomguy's Super Shotgun. Launching him toward any demon at breakneck (theirs) speed, it's a staggeringly powerful and kinetic way of closing a gap of any size between yourself and your next target. No longer will you need to wait more than a second or so before getting right up in the face of your next quarry, and that also means that, ye gods, Doom Eternal's arenas can be a whole lot bigger. 

Combat areas are now absolutely cavernous, taking in huge amounts of verticality and increased architectural complexity, heaving with far more demons than we've ever seen before. Doomguy, in response, is now Spider-Man with a rocket launcher, able to fly, swing, leap, and slingshot his way around like a 300lb circus performer with only blood on his mind. Coupling the Meathook with a whole load of new acrobatic abilities (he can now climb, wall-jump, and swing from overhead pipes), we're potentially looking at one of the most mobile, aggressively open-ended shooters ever envisioned in Doom Eternal. And that's before we even get into the upscaled weapon and demon roster, and that energy sword... 

The Doom Eternal story is expanding on the existing lore to create a whole Doom universe 

As revealed, again, at Quakecon, Doom is no longer satisfied with keeping narrative in the background. It's unlike that story and character development will ever remotely get in the way of the slaying, of course - Doomguy is Doomguy, and that's all you need to know - but Doom 2016 contains a surprising amount of oblique, Dark Souls-style background storytelling, and Doom Eternal is going to bring that into the forefront. This is clearly a much bigger story than that of its predecessor, already confirmed to take in four different settings (Earth, Phobos, Hell, and Probably-Heaven), and we've even seen Doomguy come into contact with actual living, live humans in a still-active UAC facility observing the carnage on Earth. 

All. Very. Intriguing. 

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