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Doctor Who Series 7 UK Premiere Date Revealed

We’ll keep this one short and sweet because it’s more a case of confirming what everyone suspected all along – according to the Radio Times Doctor Who will return in “Asylum Of The Daleks” on Saturday 1 September at 7:20pm.

That means the first block of five episodes will conclude on Saturday 29 September, officially making September Doctor Who month! Let’s start the campaign for a national holiday right now.

Coincidentally, if you were to pick up SFX 226 (on sale today!) you’d find a world exclusive interview with Steven Moffat where he talks daleks, dinos, farewells and fiftieths; as well as a bonus 24-page sci-fi TV preview mini-mag – your guide to every essential British and American show.

Still craving more Who ? Then why not give our cryptic “Asylum Of The Daleks” spoiler-free preview a gander?

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" Asylum Of The Daleks" teaser trailer.

Jordan Farley
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