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Doctor Who Preview

10 tantalising titbits about the next episode of Doctor Who


1 Part of the plot might remind old-school fans of “The Daemons”.

2. One of the main characters has a learning disability.

3. The returning aliens have a dangerous new ability.

4. The Doctor has a new accessory which makes Matt Smith look very cool.

5. Two authors are quoted: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Julia Donaldson.

6. After an exchange with Rory, Amy takes her engagement ring off.

7. Both Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill have more than one role. Well... kind of.

8. Someone new takes a trip in the TARDIS. Well... kind of.

9. We learn something about the doctor’s culinary abilities.

10. At one point, the Doctor does something that cats sometimes do. But without puking on your carpet afterwards. And no, it’s not licking his own bottom.