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Doctor Who Series 7: New Official Pic & New Filming Pics

Above is the first official on-set, in costume pic of the eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, and his new yet-to-have-a-confirmed-name companion (though the Internet seems pretty sure it knows what it is) played by Jenna-Louise Coleman.

Below, for a bonus, are a few pics taken during filming this week. Yep, this week, and yet Rory’s still there. We thought he’d finished filming, so what could this mean? Pick-up shots? Apparently, yes, for episode four (check out our Doctor Who Series 7 News Accumulator for details ). And that door that’s being stormed is the one to Amy and Rory’s house.

When the Doctor was on top of the TARDIS, he was heard making a phone call to Rory and Amy, and getting voicemail.

Who the guy with the hoodie is…? Your guess is as good as ours! (But it’s Dalek operator Barnaby Edwards playing him.)

All images below © WENN