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The Division shows off guns, gadgets, and good sportsmanship

If we're all comfortable with framing The Division as modern-day, militaristic Destiny, then this new trailer titled "Agent Journey" starts off with one Guardian rebuilding The Tower from scratch. Instead of coming home to a clean, secure headquarters full of well-stocked vendors and wisecracking questgivers from day one, The Division will require you to trek across plague-wracked Manhattan to assemble and staff up a proper home base.

The trailer also demonstrates some of the game's distressingly detailed equipment customization, with individual stats for each gun, of course, but also for each new scope you pick up. It may be better to look past the sights for now and focus instead on all those high-tech gadgets, like unfolding riot shields and roller bombs, and how multiple agents use them together to take down beefy bosses. Save the firearm theorycrafting for when The Division is released on March 8.

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Connor Sheridan
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