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Destiny's finally nerfing Sunbreaker Titans next week

The age of the Sunbreaker ends early next week. Destiny Update 2.1.0 will scale back the effectiveness of Sunbreaker Titans' Hammer of Sol super ability and associated upgrade path. That's a very good thing, since Hunters and Warlocks playing Crucible have learned that the only way to survive when they hear the telltale sound of a hammer hitting an anvil is to run. Also any of those foolish Titans who still prefer to play Striker in PvP, like, er, me.

Here's how it will go down: Sunbreakers' fiery hammers will be made less deadly with a slight speed reduction, a smaller splash damage radius from Forgemaster, and weaker tracking from Flameseeker. The Sunbreakers themselves will be easier to put down, with reduced damage resistance from Hammer of Sol and a three-second cooldown applied to Cauterize's healing effect (no more endless health from blowing up crowds).

On the other side of the nerfhammer, Striker Titans will get more powerful Storm Fists, improved Discharge (yuck), and a less-stoppable Unstoppable, among many other boosts. Defenders get a little love, too: Ward of Dawn will once again recharge grenade and melee abilities when activated. Meanwhile, all Titans will get a slight boost to melee range and Catapult Lift's initial velocity. Check Bungie's blog post for more specifics.

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Connor Sheridan
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