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BioShock fan art: 29 of the best pictures we've seen

BioShock Infinite

The following pictures have been posted with full, written permission from their creators. However, if an artwork that belongs to you has been included, and you would like it taken down or its information edited, please email us news at gamesradar dot com.


Created by: Melissa Smith


Created by: Tristan Silva

Bioshock Little Sister

Created by: Indy Lytle


Created by: Ron Guyatt

Bioshock Infinite Sketch Red

Created by: Matthew L. Dimond

Mr. Andrew Ryan of Bioshock

Created by: Mazri Mansor

Bioshock "Weeeeee"

Created by: Bioshock "Weeeeee"

Bioshock Fan Art B and W

Created by: Chad Frierson

BioShock Big Sister

Created by: Kelly Tindall