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Bethesda hiring for "bleeding-edge of RPG development"

You know the drill: mild panic, speculation; someone screams Elder Scrolls 6 and then jumps out the window. So let's light the blue touch paper and stand well back (say, about 4-5 years) as Bethesda starts hiring for some "bleeding-edge RPG development."

We know that Bethesda have several new games on the way, apparently "different to anything" it's done before which would suggest new things, but the four new positions (for an engine, gameplay and two graphics programmers) are all for the aforementioned "bleeding-edge RPG". Either Bethesda isn't straying that far from what it knows, or it's starting on something more familiar.

A quick trawl through Linkedin reveals that Fallout 4's lead producer, Jeff Gardiner, is currently lead producer on 'unannounced' and Dave Schreiber, the sound designer on Skyrim, is also on "unannounced future project". Okay, okay, so far that's not telling us that much because we know there are secret games.

However, we do have freelance illustrator, Diego de Almeida, who's been working on an "unannounced project" since November 2015 which ties in nicely with the end of Fallout 4's development, suggesting any excess team members not working on patches and DLC right now might have something else to be getting on with.

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