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8 days of exclusive Resident Evil 5 footage starts here

Resident Evil 5. We've been fidgeting for it ever since we finished Resident Evil 4. And the wait's almost up. Next Friday, March 13, Resident Evil 5 is out in shops and we will, at last, be able to get down to the pleasurable business of executing the hordes of walking corpses with all those squirmy tentacle things bursting through their heads.

To ramp up anticipation levels to an almost unbearable critical mass of hysteria, we're scratching off the days to Resident Evil 5 with a series of exclusive gameplay movies. They'll be posted daily over at the appropriately named Resident Evil 5 countdown site. The first one, which shows Chris and Sheva desperately fighting off infected mine workers, is available for viewing now. Go watch it, and don't forget to check daily for a new clip.

We've also got a rather sexy line-up of Resident Evil fun on GamesRadar next week.If all goes according to plan, it should look something like this:

Monday: GamesRadar's Resident Evil 5 Super Review
Tuesday: Resident Evil 5 multiplayer vs Left4Dead etc
Wednesday: Which Resi character is best dressed for zombie killing?
Thursday: RIP - the Resi chracaters that croaked it
Friday: Coolest moments of RE5

It's going to be brilliant. Don't miss it.