30 things to do in the first hour of Hitman: Absolution

10. He's fallen in the water!

It's too tempting to push this guy over the edge of the cliff. Every. Single. Time. Move the camera quickly and you can see him bouncing down the rockface below. Mmmm... ragdolly.

11. Recreate The Lord of the Flies

You can pull this poor chap out of the window while he's talking on his phone. On this occasion, he landed on his back across that rock by the sea giving us a sudden William Golding moment.

12. Turn on the sprinklers

Worth it for a laugh. Turn on the sprinklers in the greenhouse and everyone gets a wet head, deciding to leave the room instead of confronting you.

13. Test the food (with bullets)

Once you're inside the house, there's loads to see and do. Using your silenced handgun, you can shoot at things in the kitchen. Apples explode, but cheese absorbs bullets, apparently. We suggest someone starts making body armour out of this stuff.

14. Jim Sterling? Really?!

Examine the records lying around in the main room and you can see that this one quite clearly says 'Jim Sterling'. Surely not outspoken games journalist and GamesRadar contributor Jim Sterling? We didn't know he played guitar...

15. Admire the art

There are several large paintings hung around the walls of the house. There's the overall artistic merit to take in...

16. Pretend you're Cameron from Ferris Bueller

...or you could just zoom in on the texture until it just turns into coloured flecks. Fun if you're a fan of 1980s movies.

17. Open the shutters

Your first stop should be the upstairs balcony. Quietly dispose of the guard, then hit the shutters button to watch the room fill with light. It's gorgeous and also disrupts the guards' patterns. But wait... what did we do with the guard that was here?

18. Create some artificial slobbery

Pushing the guard's body over the balcony often results in an incredible landing that makes it look like he's lounging in the comfy sofa below. Brilliant.

19. The most relaxing bath ever

Having taken a guard's clothes as a disguise, careful shooting can arrange his body in a 'taking a bath' position. But we did it wrong and made it look like he'd drowned in a terrible bathtime accident. Oops.