Arkanoid DS - new screens

Sept 21, 2007

The rivival of retro classics is still running strong with Taito offering a closer look at Arkanoid DS at the Tokyo Game Show. We could try explaining what playing this arcade classic is like, but why not try it for yourself?Click hereto try a fully armed and operational flash demonstration of the game on Taito's website. Just left-click on the bottom of the DS screen when you get there.

You'll have several options for controlling your paddle in Arkanoid DS. You can use either the D-pad or the stylus. However, what's most exciting is a turn knob peripheral like the one on the arcade table-tops. It plugs into the GBA cartridge slot on the bottom of your DS and looks pretty cool. The peripheral looks like it'll also be compatible with the other classic Taito plans to revive on the DS, Space Invaders Extreme.

Arkanoid DS is scheduled to hit stores on December 6 in Japan. Although no announcements were made regarding North American or European releases, we're betting all our bricks that Arkanoid DS will make its way to western audiences sometime next year.