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Annette Bening will star in Rob Reiners Third Act

annette bening

As she waits to hear if she’ll be lucky enough to bag her first ever Oscar for The Kids Are All Right at this month’s ceremony, Annette Bening has signed on to star in Rob Reiner’s next film.

This being Bening’s fourth golden baldie nod, of course, we can understand why she’s not exactly sitting back on her laurels – it’s par for the course for the underappreciated actress.

Reiner’s new film, The Third Act, is set to also star Morgan Freeman, and will most likely follow the pair in the last ‘act’ of their lives. No doubt unexpectedly finding love, knowing Reiner.

Says Reiner himself: “I’m working on a film, the title of it now is now called The Third Act. It looks like we’ll have Morgan Freeman and Annette Bening in it together.

“It hasn’t been announced. I’m directing, producing and doing some rewriting from an original script by a fellow named Guy Thomas.”

Which sounds like Reiner’s back in his comfort zone after last year’s stellar Flipped . There are definite echoes of The Bucket List here - though we're sure Bening and Freeman will do wonders with whatever Reiner rustles up.