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Ancient Wars: Sparta review

Tonight we game in hell


  • Colorful maps and units
  • Siege weapons are powerful
  • The acting is Ed Wood terrible


  • Games can take forever
  • Campaign missions have a single path
  • Bad pathfinding on crowded maps

Ancient Wars: Sparta is a little late to take advantage of 300. The hit movie should have primed a large audience for a real time strategy game set in the historic struggle between the Greeks and Persians. The opening scenario in the Spartan campaign sets the stage for an extended flashback wherein King Leonidas explains why he has decided to undertake a hopeless mission in defense of all Greece. But it doesn't work.

Gamers will be more inclined to ask why the developer decided to engage such a hopelessly antiquated design that takes classic RTS design and adds unnecessary levels of micromanagement. Customizing units sounds like a better idea than it turns out to be and the medic units require too much clicking and hovering. Better to churn out skirmisher cannon fodder.

More Info

DescriptionPlaylogic's new RTS is old fashioned in more ways than one.
US censor ratingMature
UK censor rating16+
Release date24 April 2007 (US), 20 April 2007 (UK)