It's Morbin' time for Spider-Man as Morbius joins him for an "incredibly fun" Blood Hunt tie-in

Amazing Spider-Man: Blood Hunt #1
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Morbius has become an unlikely household name in recent years thanks to the popularity of his film - as a meme. And while some writers might balk at leaning into the Living Vampire's comedic cultural caché, Justina Ireland is taking it all in stride with a wry smile as she brings Morbius into Amazing Spider-Man: Blood Hunt this May, alongside artist Marcelo Ferreira and colorist Rachelle Rosenberg.

Make no mistake, this isn't a joke story - Spider-Man, Morbius, and even guest-stars the Lizard and the Daughters of the Dragon with will have more than their share of bloodthirsty vampires to deal with as they dip their toes into the Blood Hunt crossover, in which vampires are attempting to conquer the world and trap it in endless night. 

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But Ireland is paying a wink and a nod to the Morbius memes rather than trying to put him back into the deadly serious Pandora's Box which the "Morbin' Time" memes blew wide open.

With Morbius taking the no-prize as the first actual vampire (at least, living vampire) to appear in the Marvel Universe, it's only natural he'd appear here to combat his undead counterparts. And it's also only natural he'd find himself back alongside Spider-Man, since he initially appeared as a Spidey villain himself. 

Newsarama caught up with Ireland ahead of Amazing Spider-Man: Blood Hunt #1's May 15 release to talk all things Spider-Man, Morbius, and Blood Hunt, along with an early look by interior pages from the issue, including one page from the back-up story by Ireland and artist Chris Campana.

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Newsarama: Justina, Morbius has a strange sort of cultural presence at the moment. What's it like putting him back in the spotlight alongside Spider-Man at the same time he's become something of a meme outside of comics?

Justina Ireland: Incredibly fun. I mean, it's comics, it's always supposed to be fun.

I know some folks don't like to lean into memes, but I think being able to laugh at the silliness of the internet (and also give a wink to it) is always the way to go. I also think sometimes when people start to crap on the things we love our first instinct is to defend it, and that's fair. But why are you giving those people power over you? 

At my age I don't want to waste what time I have left, so who cares if a few randos hate something you love? Keep it moving, and spend time on the things that spark joy.

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On that note, as a living vampire, how does Morbius fit in with what's going on in Blood Hunt?

I mean, he’s kind of the OG vampire. At least for me. I knew Morbius’ backstory before I ever read a single page of Dracula. Morbius is tragic and the epitome of the morally gray hero. Sometimes he’s on the side of good, sometimes not, but most importantly he’s always on his side. And I like that about him. 

Plus, what girl doesn’t want to end up with a doctor, even if he’s perhaps tragically cursed with an unpredictable bloodlust and questionable decision making skills? All I’m saying is you can’t have a massive vampire driven event and leave Dr. Mike on the sidelines.

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Morbius and Spider-Man have been both enemies and reluctant allies in the past. What's their dynamic like this time?

No spoilers, but as usual their Facebook status is "it's complicated."

You're working with Marcelo Ferreira, who's drawn his share of Spider-Man in the past. How has it been working with an artist of his caliber and experience with the subject matter?

I mean, I basically just stay out of the way, which is honestly my default position. It's important to know your lane, and I'm a writer, not an artist. Marcelo knows his craft. I just admire the pretty.

With three issues to tell this story, were there any big Spider-Man moments or concepts you really wanted to include while you have the opportunity?

I've mostly been focused on finding a way to organically include "it's Morbin' time" into the issues, so not really. Real talk though: just getting to spend time crafting a comic is enough. I definitely thought I'd be into a third dysfunctional marriage by now, not writing Marvel comics. So every day is a gift.

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Blood Hunt is a big event, with a bunch of tie-ins. How do you make your mark in an overall event with this many issues and stories?

Who knows? I always get a little overwhelmed at crossover events, and that includes writing as well as reading. But if you're like me, you just read the issues that feature your favorite characters. Which is why I made sure to figure out a way to include the Daughters of the Dragon, and Lizard, along with Spider-Man and Morbius. Honestly, if I could've found a way to work Storm in there somehow it might have been everything 12 year old me wanted to read. Next time, I suppose.

What do you want readers to know about Amazing Spider-Man: Blood Hunt?

It's gonna be a blast. And it's cheaper than a latte! So why not give it a spin?

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