Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel review

Now it's time for the Chippettes to get in on the action...

Those chubby-cheeked singing rodents return for another holiday season infestation.

Fresh from their world tour, the ’munks are back in California and reluctantly attending high school, while their grasping ex-manager (David Cross) has a cuddly animal act he hopes will trounce Alvin and the boys: all-female trio the Chippettes.

The filmmakers haven’t tampered much with the formula that saw the critically berated original stuff its cheeks with box-office nuts: it’s the same blend of slick CG animation, live action, squeaky cover tunes, slapstick humour and family values.

Tots may be amused, but for adults this is bland, insipid entertainment.

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