A new Xbox controller has been designed for playing Project xCloud on your mobile

(Image credit: 8BitDo)

An officially licensed Xbox mobile controller will make it easier to play Project xCloud, Xbox's game streaming service, on your phone. 

The SN30 Pro Gamepad (opens in new tab), made by 8Bitdo, (first spotted by The Verge) will work with Android phones, is Bluetooth enabled, and has a reported battery life of 18 hours. It also comes with a handy clip so you can nestle your smartphone above the controller pretty easily. Pre-orders are already live on Amazon, with the controller due to launch on 21 September 2020. 

It might well be a great match for one of our picks on the best gaming phone (opens in new tab) guide. It also boasts the ability to re-map buttons, as well as adjusting the triggers for faster responses from them. Yep, this controller allows you to have the quickest trigger possible when playing Gears 5 on the go (or well, around the house at the moment).  

(Image credit: 8BitDo)

The design of the controller will be recognisable to players who have picked up 8Bitdo's SF30 PRO gamepad. While there are some obvious differences, including the official Xbox branding, the shape of the two controllers are pretty similar, alongside the fact that both support Bluetooth.

With Project xCloud currently in a preview stage, players in certain countries have been able to test the streaming service on their phones for a few months now, with the streaming service coming to Xbox Game Pass later in the year. This mini-controller looks like an elegant way of making xCloud just a little easier to play on the go, especially if the thought of lugging around your Xbox One pad around with you everywhere doesn't appeal.

It's been a big day for Xbox, with the confirmation that the Xbox Games Showcase will take place towards the end of July as well. Who knows, Microsoft might even confirm the Xbox Series X price finally.

And, if the Cloud isn't your thing, here's how to use an Xbox One controller on PC.

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