8 reasons you should never attend CES

Each year, you hear about the amazing innovations, and genius inventors, that made headlines during CES. What you don’t hear about are the other 99% of booths and vendors on display. Wander into any of the convention’s lesser-known alleys, far away from flashy Samsung or Microsoft, and you’ll encounter the entrepreneurs who came to CES to make a name for their unknown products. The entrepreneurs who are probably realizing, for the first time, that nobody cares. And that they might fail. These are the saddest faces you will ever see.

Far worse, however, is when these people – pushed to the edge by cruelly indifferent crowds – make the leap from depressed to desperate. They’ll go to whatever lengths necessary to garner attention. They'll jump in front of you as you pass, launching into their sales pitch before you can even react. At this point, the only escape is a rude cold shoulder… and who could inflict that upon these poor, unfortunate souls?