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7-Eleven Unveils Snazzy Super Mario 25th Anniversary DSi in Japan

7-Eleven in Japan sells everything you could need: food, clothes, personal hygiene products, DVDs, and video games. You can even do all your personal banking there. However, on October 28th, the convenience store will be the only place to get Nintendo’s new DSi model, made to commemorate the 25th anniversary of what might still be the company's most popular game ever, Super Mario Bros.

The new model is red like the original Famicom (called NES elsewhere). A tiny 8-bit Mario jumps over the unit’s camera on the top side, while the official 25th anniversary logo sits on the bottom, along with the cast of characters from the quarter-century old game; from Bullet Bill to Bowser (similarly to the box, shown below). The unit will sell for 14,800 yen (about $160 or £112) and will be available to pre-order until the 26th.

For those who don’t feel like forking over quite so much cash in order to celebrate the game’s anniversary, Nintendo is offering a special 1000 point WiiWare/DSiWare card featuring the same logo and cast as the bottom section of the special DSi.

It's totally not as cool as the console.

Oct 05, 2010