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50 Greatest Movie Sisters

Rachel Getting Married (2008)

The Sister: Rachel and Kym haven't had the easiest of relationships, largely thanks to Kym's all-consuming drug habit. However, despite the anger she feels towards her sibling, Rachel always softens eventually, as epitomised by the climactic hug she gives her before her return to rehab.

Sibling Rivalry: Before eventually giving her sister another chance, Rachel does go for the jugular during a number of heated rows. Witness the following exchange about their little brother, killed in a car accident with Kym at the wheel: "Kym, you took Ethan for granted. Okay? You were high for his life. You were not present. Okay? You were high." Ouch.

Fantastic Four (2005)

The Sister: Sue Storm, elder sister to the hotheaded Johnny. Boasting the power of invisibility, she can also create powerful forcefields. Although, to be honest, we reckon Johnny's human torch routine is still the cooler power…

Sibling Rivalry: They're pretty tight, having lost their parents at an early age to death and jail respectively.

Meet Me In St. Louis (1944)

The Sister: Judy Garland plays Esther, the second eldest of four sisters, who play like a perkier more colourful version of Pride And Prejudice 's Bennet sisters. There are happy endings for all, to boot. Hooray!

Sibling Rivalry: Esther is always pulling the same way as her sisters, as witnessed by the way she breaks into Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas as soon as she sees her little sister crying. Cockle-warming stuff.

The Savages (2007)

The Sister: Wendy Savage might have drifted apart from her brother Jon over the years, but when their elderly father begins to suffer from dementia, the two begin to repair their old bonds. Heartwarming stuff, if a little bleak to begin with!

Sibling Rivalry: Their troubled adolescent home life looms large over them at first, but they soon realise that their relationship is something worth salvaging from the wreckage of their childhood.

Zombieland (2009)

The Sister: Wichita is a survivor of the first order, grimly defending her little sister from the zombie hordes while attempting to give her some semblance of normal, childish fun by taking her to the theme park she's set her heart on.

Sibling Rivalry: Nope, these two are very much a team, grifting their way from one set of suckers to the next.

What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? (1962)

The Sister: Bette Davis turns in a powerhouse performance as the nightmarish Jane, a washed-up child star who still wears the babydoll dresses of her younger years in the spotlight. "Taking care" of her wheelchair-bound sister, she's a truly demented screen presence.

Sibling Rivalry:
"You aren't ever gonna sell this house," sneers Jane to her sister. "And you aren't ever gonna leave it either." Yes, its safe to say they don't really get along…

Knocked Up (2007)

The Sister: Leslie Mann plays Debbie, the faintly disapproving sister of Katherine Heigl's Alison. To be fair, if your sister brought Seth Rogen home, you might react in a similar fashion.

Sibling Rivalry:
She might roll her eyes at her sister's unfortunate taste in men, but as soon as she falls pregnant, she clicks into gear, offering her as much help and advice as she could wish for.

The Simpsons Movie (2007)

The Sister: Lisa Simpson is as good a sister as you'll ever find, and a far better one than Bart deserves. Sure, she can get stuck on her high horse every now and again, but if you can find a better-hearted sister on this list, we'll eat our hat.

Sibling Rivalry:
There's not as much squabbling in the movie as there is in the show, largely because Homer is making enough bum moves for everyone. D'oh!

The Colour Purple (1985)

The Sister: Celie and Nettie have been separated for most of their lives thanks to the malign influence of the controlling Albert. However, it's a realisation of just how much her sister loves her that drives Celie to strike out on her own, threatening her husband at knife-point before finally making her escape from his clutches.

Sibling Rivalry:
The two have been kept apart for so long, that there isn't much scope for a rivalry to develop. Touchingly, the first thing they do upon their reunion is to strike up a long-awaited round of their childhood clapping game.

The Incredibles (2004)

The Sister: A sister with superpowers is nothing to be sniffed at, and Violet Parr's ability to create a protective forcefield comes in handy when her family are threatened by the evil Syndrome. She can also turn invisible, a useful trick for any teenager wanting to avoid the watchful eyes of their parents…

Sibling Rivalry:
She actually works well in tandem with her brother, Dash, managing to put the inevitable teenage squabbling aside in order to help rescue their dad.

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