360 pricing plans

Monday 31 July 2006
Microsoft will ensure that Xbox 360 offers "good value" in the wake of the launch of PlayStation 3 and Wii this Christmas, and is planning a "number of surprises" to make sure that Sony and Nintendo don't have an easy ride, according to Xbox Europe marketing manager Richard Taversham.

"We'll do that through having a variety of pricing on games, a variety of pricing on console offers," Taversham confirmed, although he ruled out a 360 price drop in his interview with industry magazine, MCV. It's likely to mean a selection of game-bundled special Xbox 360 packs and perhaps a new Platinum-style budget range for existing titles.

With PlayStation 3 hugely expensive and Wii looking to hit non-gamers, Microsoft will be keen to persuade gamers that Xbox 360 is 'where it's at' this Christmas. We'll have more info on Microsoft's pricing plans as soon as it breaks.

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