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30 Worst Movie Extras


Extra Fail: As the Ghostbusters arrive to save the day, one foppish, red-haired extra gets too excited, yelling “Ghostbusters! Alright! Alright!” (at 1.34 in the clip), to the annoyance of everyone.

Why They'll Never Make A Leading Man: Too distracting, too enthusiastic, too MUCH. And he nearly tramples all over the end of Bill Murray's line. Hey Red, just tone it down.

10 Things I Hate About You

Extra Fail: When the coach is accidentally shot with an arrow (at 7.30 in the clip), one girl is sent to get medical help… but after running for a short while, she just stops and turns around, assuming she is out of shot.

Why They'll Never Make A Leading Lady: Not committed to the role. You have to give 110% in this business and she's giving 15-16% tops.

Star Trek Generations

Extra Fail: When the Enterprise defeats the Klingon bird of prey, a newly emoted Data punches the air in triumph, which would have had more of an impact if the extra behind him didn’t do the same thing a split-second before.

Why They'll Never Make A Leading Man: Constantly tries to steal the scene and undermine his fellow co-stars. Actually, he'd probably do quite well in Hollywood.


Extra Fail: Following the film’s epic bloody battle, two opposing fighters can be seen in the background just half-heartedly clanging swords together before giving up.

Why They'll Never Make A Leading Men: These guys can't do anything unless specifically choreographed for them. They probably appear as extras in other films, just lazily walking down the street before giving up and stopping.

Jaws #2

Extra Fail: A whaaaaat?

Why They'll Never Make A Leading Man: Unless he was voicing a lovable cartoon animal, he'd probably have to be dubbed in every scene.

Enter The Dragon

Extra Fail: As Bruce Lee delivers a formidable triple kick to his opponent's face (at 2.20 in this clip), one of the extras inexplicably bursts into laughter.

Why They'll Never Make A Leading Man: Inappropriate sense of humour. Casting him in a horror film would be a disaster.

North By Northwest

Extra Fail: Knowing what’s coming next, this kid plugs his fingers in his ears in preparation of the ‘surprise’ gunshot.

Why They'll Never Make A Leading Man : Sensitive hearing. If he didn't like the loud gunshot, let's hope this kid never worked on a Michael Bay film.

Star Wars

Extra Fail: The most famous extra – nay, the most famous GOOF – in movie history. Isn’t this guy a little tall for a stormtrooper?

Why They'll Never Make A Leading Man: Too clumsy. It would be like working with Frank Spencer.

Teen Wolf

Extra Fail: Often mistaken to be a male extra flashing his genitalia, the widescreen version revealed the extra to actually be a woman. Which still doesn’t make this behaviour acceptable.

Why They'll Never Make A Leading Lady: If she thinks it's ok to be on camera with her jeans undone to this extent, she's going to have a lot of clashes with the wardrobe department. Imagine if she ever worked on a costume drama. It's unthinkable.

Back to the Future III

Extra Fail: Doc Brown’s kid Verne beckons YOU the audience to come closer and inspect his groin in the creepiest way possible.

Why They'll Never Make A Leading Man: Apparently this kid was signalling that he needed the loo, but really he should have gone before filming started. There's no time in this business for weak bladders.