19 mindblowing secrets we learned from the God of War director’s commentary

Considering that it took 5 years to make 2018’s God of War, we really shouldn’t be surprised that the amount of thought that went into it behind the scenes is enough to fill Atreus’ notebooks seven times over. With the release of a three-part director’s commentary series from Cory Barlog, plenty of details about how the team at Sony Santa Monica created Kratos’ adventure are now out in the open so I’ve curated the 20 best tidbits from the series. Be warned, though: there are end game spoilers in the video. 

If you’re reading this I’m really hoping that you’ve finished the main story quest because otherwise it’s going to get spoiled for you, and witnessing those twists first hand should be your priority. There are some nifty facts that aren’t spoilerific, though: revelations include the fact that movies like The Usual Suspects, Commando (yup, that Arnold Schwarzenegger one), and Tree of Life inspired key moments and characters, plus the fact that Barlog had to fight quite hard to make sure Mimir wasn’t just a head in a bag, but attached to Kratos’ waist. To find out the other gems you’ll just have to watch the video above. 

What becomes clear from Barlog’s commentary is that he had a very clear vision of what God of War needed to be and wasn’t afraid to fight for it. And, thank Odin, it all paid off. God of War is the best PS4 game to play right now, with Kratos and Atreus sharing stunning character arcs that frankly should be the topic of impassioned speeches for years to come. 

Zoe Delahunty-Light

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