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The 20 best movie Devils

The 20 best movie Devils

Beelzebub, Lucifer, Mr Scratch, Elizabeth Hurley... Whatever you want to call him (or her), he (or she) is constantly popping up in films to ruin someone's day or play a rather catchy musical number. But not all demons are born (well, cast) equal...

With that in mind, we count down the best Devils the big screen has to offer. Why? Because it's Thursday, obviously. Hail Satans!

Bedazzled (1967)

Played by Peter Cook

The Devil wears Skinny suits, a bow tie and a mop top.

Most Satanic moment Convincing Dudley Moore to sell his soul in return for a thick Welsh accent and a romp with Raquel Welch. Peter Cooks swinging 60s Satan takes Faust and makes him hip.

The Passion Of The Christ (2004)

Played by Rosalinda Celentano

The Devil wears A black robe and a heavy hood.

Most Satanic moment Apart from trying to tempt Jesus into /not/ letting Mel Gibson torture him for three hours, Rosalinda Celentanos androgynous Devil moment creeped everyone out with her ugly, wrinkly old baby in the infamous whipping scene.

The Devil With Hitler (1942)

Played by Alan Mowbray

The Devil wears A three piece suit, a widows peak and two toilet roll tubes on his head.

Most Satanic moment Convincing Hells board of directors that Adolf Hitler has a soft spot (so that they dont give the Fuhrer his own job), and traveling to Earth to try and find it. Spoiler alert he doesnt. But he does fire a rocket up Hitlers arse, lowering the tone of the American propaganda machine a good few notches.

Damn Yankees (1958)

Played by Ray Walston

The Devil wears A white suit and a long, thin bow tie.

Most Satanic moment Twisting the Faust legend around Americas biggest sporting rivalry persuading a schlubby baseball fan that his team, The Washington Senators, can beat the New York Yankees if he sells him his soul. He also sets Gwen Verdons hips wiggling so seductively to a Bob Fosse dance number that the censors had to trim it from the final film.

Rosemary's baby (1968)

Played by Clay Tanner

The Devil wears He only appears in a dream sequence in close up, so we only know that hes wrinkly and noseless (with a gammy eye).

Most Satanic moment Date raping Mia Farrow with a spiked chocolate mousse, causing her to go mad, hate her husband and give birth to the anti-Christ.

The Story Of Mankind (1957)

Played by Vincent Price

The Devil wears Red gloves, a red cravat and a pointy goatee. Also carries a smoking trident.

Most Satanic moment Other than gathering all of Hollywoods once great stars (the Marx brothers, Hedy Lamarr, Peter Lorre) for a monumental turkey, Vincent Prices monologue heavy Mr Scratch tries to convince a space court that mankind should be allowed to blow itself up with a nuclear bomb.

Hells Bells (1929)

Animated by Ub Iwerks

The Devil wears Nothing. Shorten his body, wipe that mad grin off his face and he doesnt look too far away from an early Mickey Mouse

Most Satanic moment Presiding over Walt Disneys darkest, scariest Silly Symphony drinking cauldrons of fire, feeding his minions to dogs, and drumming on the bellies of the damned to the chirpy tune of In The Hall Of The Mountain King.

Angel On My Shoulder (1946)

Played by Claude Rains

The Devil wears No horns, no goatee, no trident. Just a pretty sharp suit and a RADA rich English accent.

Most Satanic moment Letting Scarface himself (Paul Muni) out of Hell so he can help him ruin the reputation of the countrys only honest judge.

Little Nicky (2000)

Played by Harvey Keitel

The Devil wears Monogramed PJs, pointy elf ears, little nub horns and a paintbrush beard.

Most Satanic moment Banishing his idiot son Nicky (Adam Sandler) to Earth so he can rule Hell for another 10,000 years himself. That and shoving a pineapple up Hitlers arse.

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