10 websites every Sims 3 player must visit

What is it? A custom content site for The Sims 1, 2 and 3 featuring free downloads from a select set of talented artists.

Why should you bookmark? Because, for once, the emphasis is on quality over quantity. You won’t have to slog through hundreds or even thousands of random user submissions to find something truly beautiful… everything at Parimonious is beautiful. The site’s houses section may contain less than fifteen choices, but we guarantee you’ll be seriously tempted to download and install all fifteen in your game. Each is a masterpiece of design, and unlike so many of Parsimonious’ competitors, each is free. No “premium member” section here.



What is it? A global gallery for online artists, with everything from photography and demo reels to manga comics and erotic fan art. You can find poetic, perverted twists on practically anything here.

Why should you bookmark? Machinima and photo albums, while imaginative, are still restricted to what’s possible using the Sims 3 engine. If you really wish to see what wild and wicked stuff the community is capable of, do a deviantART search. The game’s been out for just a month and we’ve already foundstamps,comic strips,slash fic,real-world mashups,Bella & Mortimer portraitsand evenpapercraft instructionsfor the series’ trademark green plumbob.



What is it? At first glance, yet another Sims blog, collating the exact same news as all the other Sims blogs. Dig deeper, however, and you’ll discover possibly the most comprehensive library of Sims 3 tutorialscurrently on the internet. They all link to other sites, including some already mentioned in this article, but heading here first will save you a ton of searching time.

Why should you bookmark? “I know how to play The Sims!” you’re protesting. Sure, you may understand the basics… but can you build a waterfall, a bridge or a football field? Do you know the mechanics of a properly functioning basement or underground garage? Do you know how to build a sunken room, or a pool inside a lake? Can you bring ghosts back to life, or influence the gender of your Sims’ babies?

See, smarty pants, you may want to visit this site after all.

The Sims Wiki


What is it? An collaborative online encyclopedia. Basically, Wikipedia with its sole focus on The Sims.

Why should you bookmark? Anything you’ve ever wanted to know about the series, and probably a whole lot more, is contained within Sims Wiki’s nearly 3,000 open-source articles. Need a comprehensive list of the game’s moodlets, traits, rewards and lifetime wishes? It’s there. Want every piece of information on cooking, fishing or gardening, conveniently gathered into one grid? It’s there. Want the background story on Mortimer and Bella Goth, told through all three entries in the franchise? Or comparisons of the two neighborhoods? Or the latest rumors on expansion packs? You guessed it – all there.

And, of course, this%26hellip;


What is it? The “no censor” patch to The Sims 3, somehow released before the actual game.

Why should you bookmark? You probably shouldn’t, unless you enjoy extremely awkward conversations with parents, significant others or anyone else who might use your computer. If seeing each new version of The Sims naked is somehow an important gaming ritual for you, though, there’s the link. We promise not to judge… too much.

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